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Meals Simplified

As a little girl I loved being in the kitchen, learning alongside and being the sous chef to my mother and grandmother. Eating dinner as a family was an everyday occurance; a tradition that I value and hope to continue with my own family.

I have a business degree and Masters in Higher Education, and absolutely loved my career in Student Affairs working at universities in the Boston, MA area. As it is in many careers, a 9-5 work day seems to be a thing from the past, so food shopping and cooking fell off the priority list. I looked into buying prepared meals, but I couldn’t always find an option I liked and missed cooking my own meals.

This is when I fell into meal preparation. I would carve out time each week to shop and cook all my meals in advance. Not only did this become my favorite part of the week, but as a result I started to have much more time to spend with loved ones, for self-care, traveling, and more!

Cooking may not be for everyone, but a reduced stress lifestyle is, and I am thrilled to be sharing my passion to help others have more time doing the things they love most!

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